Jamie Gane


Hi, I'm Jamie. I'm a 24-year-old adaptive athlete from Basingstoke, Hampshire. My focus is as an international athlete however there is much more to my character than simply that. I have been a member of the Army Cadet Force, have a degree in Finance, Economics, Accounting and Maths, and I am also a keen musician.

Hi, I'm Jamie,

Iā€™m an adaptive athlete in Judo, Obstacle Course Racing and the throwing sports. My interest in sport first started when I joined the Army Cadet Force (ACF) in 2008. The ACF really formed my love for sport and the pride of representing an organisation and, in the bigger picture, my country. 

I went on to complete a personal training qualification at night school, while also completing my A Levels in Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Design Technology and Accounting. Continuing from my A Levels, I went on to University to gain a degree in Finance and Accounting for the Financial Services. Upon completing my degree in 2016, I gained a full time position in the financial services however in February 2017, I started to concentrate more on my motivational speeches and sport progression.

While at University, I encountered the Parasport programme and attended an event which directed me towards Powerlifting and an open day for athletics. From the open day I met my now coach Camilla Thrush, who went on to be a huge inspiration and influence in my life and sport. Powerlifting gave me a fantastic basis of strength however, at a higher level, would have conflicted with my training strategies for throwing. 

While recovering from complications from my initial amputation, I was unable to train for throwing sports, so I branched out and started Judo again, as well as completing over 70 Tough Mudder courses. I have now built up a community and family within Obstacle Course Racing and it is one of my large drivers in life. 

In my personal life, I am a keen musician and play the piano, clarinet and sing. I enjoy spending time with my two cats and volunteering with youth charities and Army Cadets. I gain a lot of motivation from inspiring others and I love to reach out to others to help them achieve their goals. 



  • Age:

  • Location:
    Basingstoke, Hampshire

  • Coach:
    Camilla Thrush

  • Club:
    Kingston Athletics Club & Polytechnic Harriers





Would you like to personally support me by donating towards my journey? I have a crowdfunding page hosted on GoFundMe where all proceeds go towards funding everything from my prosthetic requirements, to sports therapy and nutritionists.