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Upcoming Wheely Big Challenge

This weekend, I will be travelling straight from work to Yorkshire's Tough Mudder. As I've now finished 10 Tough Mudders, I have decided that I would like to make things a bit more challenging and give others the opportunity to finish the course with my help. 

A few weeks ago, I put out an advertisement on Facebook, looking for a wheelchair user that would like to complete the course. I had a number of responses however decided to assist a young man called Jeshu. He has a less-severe version of the same condition that I had prior to my amputation but he has it in both feet. I approached him and asked whether he would like to use my special all-terrain wheelchair to complete the course and he was very excited to accept. 

Although I have never completed the Yorkshire course, I am told that it is the most hilly - because it isn't enough of a challenge already! I will be running the half (5-6 miles) on the Saturday so I can get an idea of the course, without being too tired for the Sunday. 

As I complete more courses, I hope to help other people accomplish their dreams. If you would like my help, please contact me! 

I use my time and financial resources to give others opportunities however this is not simply possible without the help of others. If you are able to donate towards my prosthetic and mobility fund, then that would be fantastic. The link to my GoFundMe page is here: https://www.gofundme.com/peglegparalympian




Jamie Gane