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Tough Mudder Obstacles - 2018 Season

With the release of the 2018 Tough Mudder obstacles, I give you the low-down on the new/changed obstacles.. With 19 Tough Mudders under my belt, I am quite used to whichever obstacle is thrown at me. Having said that, I noticed a remarkable difference in how easier the obstacles were, once I had received my prosthetic leg. Who would have thought that having two legs would make obstacles easier? Hm.....

Here's what I think about the 2018 Tough Mudder obstacles:

Kong - Infinity - Brand New!


I'm so glad that this has made its place in a standard Tough Mudder. I was so jealous watching those competing at Worlds Toughest Mudder as I really wanted to complete the obstacle. As long as the course is dry, this should be a great obstacle which will be achieved by many. It relies on upper body and grip strength to get you to the other side. 

The Block Ness Monster


By far my favourite! Really happy to see that it has returned for the 2018 season. This obstacle relies on upper body strength but also being able to walk, in water, from block to block (something that I struggle with as an amputee). Nobody is unable to complete this obstacle. It's all about teamwork and fun...just make sure you help out your fellow mudders on the other side. 



More grip strength needed with these hanging hoops. The colours of the hoops generally dictated the legionnaire colours (Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink and Orange) so it will be interesting to see what colour they will be, now that this obstacle is open to everyone. I'm very proud to say that I only failed this obstacle once but it's fantastic that all mudders get a chance to complete this as it was previously a legionnaire-only obstacle. 

Bale Bonds & King of the Mountain


An OCR classic, which is great for drying your hands - just don't get your feet/foot/running blade stuck in the wire that holds the bales together......I've made that mistake before!

Happy Ending - Brand New!


If searching the internet for this one, make sure you put 'Tough Mudder' at the end.....you might get a nasty shock. For those that saw the pyramid scheme in the 2017 season, it's similar to that however there is a slide at the other end to escape - much better than a frame. For the legionaries, there's a 'Third Rail' edition, which has hanging electroshock therapy as you slide down. Unfortunately I can't do any obstacles involving electricity due to the amount of metal in my body but i'm sure it's great! 

Pyramid scheme was always a struggle for me as you are dependent on others pushing you up the ramp. In my case, I have less foot to grab, which responds differently to able-bodied individuals so it will be great to see what it will be like! Bring on March for the LA course :) 

Arctic Enema - The Rebirth


Plunging yourself into 10,000 lbs of ice.....sounds chilling! I love/hate this obstacle but it's great for freezing away any aches, pains or moans. A Tough Mudder classic, which I welcome back with open arms. Fancy a challenge? Try playing 'Rock, Paper, Scissors' in this obstacle until you win a game. Your losing opponent then has to stay in until they win a game. I guarantee you'll see the obstacle differently after being in there for a few minutes. Conquer your fear and plunge in!

Hero Walls


Another classic obstacle, which can be incredibly tricky when wet/muddy. Relying on your teammates to help you get a good grip on the top of the wall. If you're tall and strong, you'll do great but if not, get talking to your fellow mudders and battle the walls together. Stay back and help your buddies out and you won't regret it. 

 Electroshock Therapy (EST)


10,000 volts of electricity goes through the cables as you run through. Previously at the end of every course, EST has moved to the middle of the course, to add a bit of variety. Despite medically being unable to complete this obstacle, I have completed it a few times (against my doctor's recommendation) and it certainly gives you a buzz. Will you sprint through? Will you try and dodge them? Will you crawl through? The choice is up to you......

Everest 2.0


Awesome obstacle, which I was unable to complete at the beginning of the 2017 season. This most failed obstacle uses teamwork to complete as you run up at full speed, to be caught by your teammates. As an amputee, I struggle to gain speed in short distances so I have learnt to take a longer run-up. Learn what's best for you and roll with it. Great when slippery but don't fear it. With completion comes confidence and with confidence comes beast mode! Just keep running and aim for the top - you'll get there with perseverance and teamwork.

Kiss of Mud 2.0 & Swamp Stomp


It wouldn't be Tough Mudder without an obstacle where you literally crawl through mud! An awesome obstacle, which I welcome to the 2018 season. Just watch your head on the barbed wire on Kiss of Mud 2.0 - I often get my Blade XT caught while completing this obstacle. If you want the best Swamp Stomp, head to the North West event. 

Funky Monkey - The Revolution


Ahhhhhhh...I'm so happy to have this obstacle back! I feel like one of the main drivers for me to complete it in 2017 was just to ensure that I didn't get wet. Fortunately, I never failed this obstacle and I hope to keep up my streak for 2018. Whatever your motivation, you won't be bored with this multi-wheeled, rotating monkey bar climby thingy. Work on your grip and upper body strength to get to the other side. Alternatively, jump in the water and enjoy the cool as you swim across. 

Mud Mile 2.0 & Pitfall


What else can I say but muddy, muddy, muddy. Mud Mile 2.0 generally has a great DJ with some awesome tunes so I hope that continues for this season. Always a great pick-up on course when you're feeling tired. Fantastic when warm...hmmm.....warm mud. Welcome back Mud Mile & Pitfall

Ladder to Hell


I managed to see this obstacle at an international TM and it was pretty awesome. A 15 foot high ladder climb with large gaps between the rungs. Just watch yourself if it's muddy! Nice obstacle which depends on the help of others (especially if you're vertically challenged like myself). 



I was worried that they wouldn't return this obstacle but i'm really happy to see it return. A 10 foot slanted wall with no footholds. Great to see the first-timers as they try and figure out how to conquer the obstacle. Grab hold of someone and throw them over - you'll be surprised how well you do. 

Hero Carry, Killa Gorilla & Cliffhanger


Both really tough obstacles on one leg but with two, i'm sure it's pretty 'easy.' Classic Tough Mudder obstacles that truly build on what Tough Mudder is about - teamwork. If it's hard, split your friend between two people and if you're super strong, carry the big guy (or girl). 

Mineshafted, Prairie Dog & Shawshanked


Tunnels, water and mud.....what more could you want from an obstacle course? I loved shawshanked in 2017 and I'm really happy to see its return. Water obstacles are always great if you run quite hot - which I tend to do. 

Hold Your Wood


Some love and some hate this obstacle. For me, it's really challenging as it's difficult to carry a large log round a circuit. I do feel like a kind of Tough Mudder lumberjack-type worker though, which can be pretty fun. Welcome back Hold Your Wood......I enjoy getting to know you again. Perhaps you guys can come and give me a hand with my wood on course?

T-Boned - Kinda New


This legionnaire-only obstacle was initially only at Europe's/America's Toughest Mudder however it has now been welcomed on to the general course - and I can't wait to conquer it. I feel like this has taken over from the Reach Around/Cliffhanger obstacle, which was both fun and challenging. It will be great to see how my teammates and I complete this. 

Underwater Tunnels


I've never seen this obstacle however it will be interesting to complete. I believe it has made a come-back from the first few Tough Mudders. With 3 rows of floating barrels and barbed wire overhanging, this will certainly be a challenge for someone who naturally dislikes water. Let's jump in and see what happens. 

2018 sees the introduction of some pretty awesome obstacles and the finishing of some other great ones, such as Birth Canal and the Reach Around. I anticipate it to be just as good as last season, if not better. With a new course being introduced (Tough Mudder London North), I will be completing 34 courses next year and will certainly be experienced by this time next year. 

Rock on and see you there!


Jamie Gane