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My Pit Plan

World’s Toughest Mudder is just around the corner. With 24 hours of obstacle-fuelled exhaustion, here’s my pit plan for how I will achieve my target:

The process of writing this plan was extremely helpful so hopefully, it will be able to help others who haven’t yet written their plans.

Name: Jamie Gane aka ‘Stumpy’


Age: 24

Nationality: British

Targets: 50 miles,

be out for 24 hours  

enjoy  the experience

Medical: Amputee


Having run three Regional Toughest Mudders this season, I have found that the following works really well for me:

 ·      Hugs

·      Only focusing on the positives – If I’m 2 hours ahead of my plan, I love to know this. On the other hand, if I’m behind schedule, just tell me a target to work towards and tell me to ‘smash it’ instead of telling me how behind I am

·      Tell me to eat – I generally either forget to eat or don’t until I’m starving. Make me follow the plan I have set out and help me get the calories I need

·      Kick me out of the pit area – Time goes fast in the pit so please set a timer when I enter the pit and ensure I don’t stay in there long. My pit is only to pick up food. If I need to spend any time in the pit, it will be to adjust my leg or to chance my clothes so please just give me a bag of food and ask the checklist questions supplied.

·      I do not intend on sleeping – If I need my leg changed over (more details below) and I need to wait, I will sit and do some meditation. Please ensure that I do not fall asleep. I will tell you how long I intend on meditating for – please ensure this timing is kept.

·      Filming – I really hope to capture the moment on my GoPro so if you’re able to capture any short clips. Encourage me (when I’m really struggling) to take the camera out on course with me, to distract me. Personal progress comes first and pictures/videos are second to that.


 By this point, I should think that you know I have one leg….if you don’t well….anyway

 As an amputee, I do not regulate body heat appropriately so it is very important that I keep warm. I often do not know I am cold until I’m freezing to the point I can’t warm up. If this is the case, please use common sense and warm me up with hot, salty soup and a change of clothes.

More medial information was added, included any allergies etc.

Potential problems with my stump/leg:

Screen Shot 2018-10-15 at 12.06.51.png


Main points:

·      I will not remove my leg unless I need to

·      My stump swells when I stop so any changes need to be made ASAP

·      I like to sit down when putting on socks/adjusting my leg

·      I need to stand to put on my leg

·      Please assist (if you aren’t busy) by holding my leg up while I change it

I use socks to manage the shape and size differences between sockets.

Screen Shot 2018-10-15 at 12.07.41.png
Screen Shot 2018-10-15 at 12.10.42.png


·      I like to be VERY hydrated when running.

·      BCAAs (already made up in bottles and labelled)

·      Protein shake!!

·      Protein hot chocolate (labelled). Place a bit of milk a protein shaker with two scoops…..shake. Then add hot water and stir.

·      Hot drinks – I’m not very good at drinking very hot drinks. Please cool them down a bit before I drink them. 


·      60-90g of carbs per hour. Please time how long it takes me to do a lap. I need to take 120-180g of carbs per lap for a two-hour lap.

·      Every 6 hours, I need a source of protein.

·      Around 10pm, have a proper meal – will confirm nearer the time

·      Energy gels/sweets as needed

Screen Shot 2018-10-15 at 12.09.54.png

Pit Crew Questions Checklist/Steps

1.   Do you need any socks? If you see me coming ahead, get a sock out, ready to give to me (only for the first 4 laps)

2.  Give me my pit food bag

3.  How’s your temperature? Refer to the clothing section above (but I’ll most likely tell you what I need)

4.  Do you need anything for your next lap?


Jamie Gane