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Plea for Help - Help to Find Kawasaki


Kawasaki going for a walk in London

Two peas in a pod

Kawasaki is my best buddy and has now been missing for 5 weeks. Not just a cat, Kawasaki is a huge part of my life and is severely missed. Here’s his story:

5 Years Ago


Kawasaki came into my life just 5 years ago after a rough start in life. When I picked him up, he was this little bundle of joy who was extremely hyperactive but stank of smoke and was extremely needy. Adopting him at just a few months old meant that I had the ability to grow as a person as his fluff and size continued to grow - perhaps why I feel so lost without him.

Starting off as a little nugget, he soon grew to a substantial size but he was kept as an indoor cat as I lived in a third floor flat in Central London. I was keen for him to have some independence and outdoor experience so I would often take him out for walks in my wheelchair. Wrapped up in a cat harness, I was ‘that guy.’ I agreed with the local Sainsburys security guard that I was allowed to take him in the store as he simply wasn’t a dog. He would often sit on my lap or on my shoulders as I wheeled around the shops. Occasionally, he would walk on the floor but he loved to snuggle up with me as we explored our capital. London buses, tubes, trains - he conquered them all!

It became apparent from young age that Kawasaki was going to be a big boy - despite starting off tiny, he LOVED his food. Unlike any other cat I had encountered, he would devour any food placed in front of him, much like a dog. I started to really measure his food intake and take control of his diet.


Moving Around


My housing situation was very difficult while I was living in London and despite the landlord telling us that a pet was allowed, I was asked to either remove Kawasaki or find a new home with no notice - obviously I chose my fluffy family. In the next 3 years, he moved from home to home with me until we settled in our home in the centre of Basingstoke. I lived with my dad for a few months while my home in Basingstoke was being prepared and we also lived in the centre of Clapham Junction, London with two of my friends. Kawasaki eventually then had an opportunity to escape the flat and explore the wide world on his own. He was desperate to explore and he certainly did - bringing home mice, rats and even once catching a squirrel. A remarkable creature, an incredible friend and the simply the best.

Breakfast time with Kawasaki

Breakfast time with Kawasaki

Kawasaki’s New Buddy

Shortly after moving to Basingstoke and in the summer of 2016, I decided that one family member wasn’t enough so I adopted little Rio - named after the Rio Paralympics. I was very worried, given Kawasaki’s love for food, that he would genuinely eat her however after their first encounter, it was apparent that they would forever be friends.

A lifetime of friendship - Kawasaki and Rio

A lifetime of friendship - Kawasaki and Rio

Since Kawasaki has been missing, Rio has been completely lost. Crying, attention seeking and super cuddly, it’s been so difficult to watch. They used to play, fight, cuddle, snuggle and groom each other all day.


Kawasaki has been such an integral part of my life and those involved with me. Christmas Day last year, he was really ready for his dinner and was bothering my partner for some Christmas treats!


He is an incredibly friendly cat who is really easy-going with a heart of gold. He gets on with everyone and people are always shocked at his size and friendliness. He’s grown up around a busy household, he was been bought up around tubes, trains, buses and wheelchairs so nothing really scares him - he seemed invincible until he went missing on the 17th of November.

11998858_494732780693064_7899212276263802127_n (1).jpg

With a white splodge on his nose and white socks, his markings are quite unique. He has huge whiskers and a white crest around his neck. The top of his back is completely black while his belly is mostly white with black pads on his paws.


My best friend, my best buddy and a huge part of my life - I feel completely lost without him. I would do anything to have him back in my life. As any responsible cat owner would, Kawasaki is chipped, snipped and was wearing a tag when he went missing. Please don’t hesitate to get in contact if you see him, or a cat that looks like him. I’m praying on Christmas Magic to get him back to me for the Festive period.

Jamie Gane