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Where do All my Right Shoes Go?

With only one foot that wears a shoe, what happens to the right shoe? Although I do have the opportunity to wear a pair of shoes if I am not using my Blade XT, most of the time I only require a left shoe. Do I have a cupboard just full of right shoes? Do I only keep pairs of the shoes that I think i'll wear regularly? Do they fall into a black hole to be lost forever? Do I have a shoe buddy or do I just donate them? 

Shoe Buddies

I am yet to find someone to share shoes with however there are websites where amputees or single-shoe wearing individuals can come together to share a pair of shoes. Logistically, it's a bit of a nightmare as you can't quite ask a shoe company to ship one pair of shoes as two individual shoes to two different locations however these things do happen!

Choosing Which Shoes to Donate

For a man with one foot, I sure do have a lot of shoes! In my head, I think that I can have twice the amount of shoe designs as a normal human because the total amount of shoes would be the same....wrap your head around that one! 

I do actually keep most of my shoes as pairs however the right ones are mostly kept in shoe boxes at the back of the cupboard. I have a shoe rack, where I have a full pair of trainers and smart shoes, for when the occasion arrises. 

I have recently donated a whole load of my right shoes as I simply don't have enough time to wear all of them! I was contacted by a lady called Jo O'Callaghan, who has set up a place for amputees/single shoe-wearing people to swap shoes. She is also unable to wear a right shoe and takes donations from others and ships them out to those in need. Her Facebook group has almost 300 members and recently, Asics, through the Frontrunners, donated a whole load of shoes for her to swap. If you'd like to join her group, click through here

I know a lot of amputees who simply sell their shoes or throw them away but there are so many options out there - have a google. 

Where to Buy Single Shoes

It's always worth contacting companies to ask whether they have any spare shoes left in the warehouse - it's surprising how many are willing to help you. Also ask the company whether they have an amputee/single shoe scheme as Clarks Shoes offer amputees 25% off a pair of shoes but they don't advertise it anywhere. 

There are specific websites available for those needing single shoes so keep an eye out! 

There's so much waste in the world - consider other options including donating, selling or finding a shoe buddy! 

Enjoying exploring :) 

Jamie Gane