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That's One LUSH Stump!

What's better than feeling you're looking after your diet and exercising? Looking after your skin and physical-wellbeing obviously! As amputees, we are very accustom to sores, rashes, sweating a variety of other problems that stumps/residual limbs just seem to attract.  Overall, my stump is very well-behaved and I'm able to wear my leg all day, every day but this is after trialling a large range of products that really work for me. As an employee of LUSH, my product and ingredient knowledge has allowed me to recommend the following products. 

Before I go any further, I would like to point out that my stump, stumpy, is pretty happy being called a stump - this is not the case of all amputees so please respect their individual names for their residual limb/leg/arm/unfoot/amputated limb/the leg that wasn't!

Okay, moan over and onto my recommendations on how to get yourself a lush stump: 

Sores, Cracks, Grazes or Discomfort



Very common for amputees but whenever I seem to struggle, I chuck on a good helping of Ultrabalm. An all purpose balm made with 3 simple ingredients (Organic Jojoba Oil, Candelilla Wax and Rose Wax), forms a barrier for your stump from your socket/liner and stops trouble spots from rubbing uncomfortably. It's great if you have a very dry spot that needs instant treatment and although it's in a small tin, a little bit goes a long way!

If you find you move too much in your liner after using it, try using the moisturiser Rump. Traditionally a bottom rub, Rump can be used as a great preventer of sores and blisters on your stump. With soothing Aloe Vera and caffeine to help firm the skin, Rump could be a great addition to your routine. 

Tired Stump?



Getting to the end of the day and your stump just needs a refresher? Volcano is your buddy! Volcano is a foot (or stump) mask which is fantastic for making you feel able to conquer any challenges for the day. Simply grab a handful, pop it on your stump and other foot if you'd like, wrap in plastic film, pop a short 20 minute programme on, wash off and feel amazing!

You really needed that excuse to sit down for 20 minutes so here's one for you. The fresh Papaya in the product is really stimulating while the lemon oil is cleansing for your stump. Just be a bit careful if you have any open sores and wait until they heal to use but you can always work around them or pop your Ultrabalm on until your stump is good to go. 

If you don't fancy a foot/stump mask, give the foot lotion Pink Peppermint a go. With arnica for bruised stumps and peppermint to stimulate, this is a perfect combination to get your stump back and ready for walking. 


A Sensitive Stump?


Picture stolen from www.lush.com 

Picture stolen from www.lush.com 

If your stump has a sensitive soul, or even sole, there are a number of oat-based LUSH products that can help. 

Oaty Creamy Dreamy shower cream is a fantastic go-to for anyone with sensitive skin irrespective if whether they are stump-bearing. I tend to really like strong, fruity fragrances in the shower so tend just to use Oaty C D on my stump when he is feeling a little sensitive, which is great because then Stumpy can get all the love while the rest of my body is fragranced up! Together in combination with Dream Cream an oat-based body lotion, it's a fantastic way to get rid of those horrible itches and rashes. 



Stumpy Got You Down in the Dumpy?



Who doesn't love a nice and relaxing bath when you're feeling a bit low? Cheer Up Buttercup bath bomb contains Neroli oil, which is one of the few essential oils that has been scientifically proven to increase serotonin in the brain; helping to make you feel cheery and content - what more could you want! 

If you're struggling with muscle aches, give Big Blue bath bomb a try. With salts for added muscular relief and vitamin-rich seaweed, Big Blue could be your new bathing buddy. 



Whether you're sore, blistered or just a bit tired, these LUSH products should get you going. As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to get in contact or visit me at Basingstoke's LUSH store. 

Grumpy stumpys are a thing of the past!

Jamie Gane