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Now 10 weeks post-op, I would have liked to be recovered by now and be on the track with my new prosthetic - unfortunately, that isn't the case. 

In week 8 of amputee rehabilitation, I was discharged with a view to continue attending the clinic as an outpatient for wound-checks. Unfortunately after only a week, I wasn't able to use my prosthetic as my pain levels increased and a large bruise appeared on the bottom of my stump. I was strongly advised to go to A&E as I may have osteomyelitis (a bone infection). The A&E department were fantastic and I was visited by an orthopaedic surgeon who informed me that I needed more scans investigations. After an x-ray, something was picked up on the bone but they couldn't tell exactly what so I have been booked in for an MRI, which will be happening tomorrow. 

I had a follow-up appointment and the surgeon has confirmed that they definitely need to operate however they are unsure without the scans to what extent. Hopefully, my surgery will be done within the next month so that I am able to recover ready for the start of the athletics season.

Things are very difficult here at the moment with clinics not agreeing with each other however my training and hopes for the future are keeping me going. After all, perseverance pays off in the end. 

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