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The Knights Foundation

Thank you to those who have been getting in contact with me and following my social media pages.

In January, I started working with the Knights Foundation (http://theknightsfoundation.org/), who offer gifts and help carers and families who manage disabilities throughout their everyday life. They help to supply equipment for young people with disabilities and their families, while helping individuals become more independent. They also aim to give respite to families and young people, as well as inspiring disabled and able-bodied children to achieve great heights, despite their challenges. 

My work, within the charity, is to be an ambassador and allow the young people to believe that anything is possible. Myself and the CEO of the charity, Nicky Banger, have visited a number of schools and businesses to inspire others to be more involved. We are planning to have more involvement with schools and I am preparing presentations to deliver to young people across the Surrey, Berkshire and Hampshire. If you have any involvement with schools and would like the Knights Foundation to come and visit, please get in contact me, by pressing here. 

The Knights Foundation have been incredibly fantastic with supporting me and, through the patrons and their kind support, I have been able to make some extraordinary connections and support more people. I never thought that I would find such a support system, which is evident within the Knights Foundation. Their professionalism and approachability is second to none and I cannot thank them enough for their work so far. They have very kindly offered to support my goal for the Paralympics and have started to fundraise towards the cost of my prosthetic legs. 

If you feel as though you would like to support the foundation, they have a number of events approaching. Please click here for more information. If you are a business that would like to be part of a network of patrons, supporting my journey and helping other young people with disabilities/families, please get in contact with the Knights Foundation. 

A huge thank you to the current Patrons of the charity, who can be found here. 

Jamie Gane