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iWalk - My Lifesaver

Hi all! 

It's been a busy few weeks while preparing to go away on the Camino hiking trip. I've completed another 2 Tough Mudders and it's safe to say that I've destroyed another iWalk (despite them being extremely robust). This highly engineered bit of kit has been a real lifesaver for the me and I thought I would share my experience with you and how it has changed my life for the better.

The iWalk has been my primary mobility device since my amputation at the end of last year, since I haven't really been able to use a prosthetic consistently. The iWalk is a mobility device that allows anybody with a below-knee injury (anything from a broken toe to a below-knee amputation) to mobilise and still use their hands for carrying etc. To use it, you place your knee and shin onto a rest at 90° and then stabilise your thigh using two additional straps and your ankle (if you have one) with another strap. I first encountered the iWalk while trying to find an alternative to crutches for inside the home as I was tired of having to lug my wheelchair around non-accessible housing.

Before my amputation, I was unable to use the iWalk to it's full potential, outside of the home, since my foot would hang out of the back and it would have been dangerous for me in public spaces. Despite that, I used it within the home and it significantly increased my ability to do 'normal' activities, such as washing, cooking and cleaning. I used it in the gym, during quiet periods and, since my amputation, my mobility levels have just continued to increase. I am able to walk to the gym, train for many hours and then walk home again with ease. 

Last weekend (29th April), I completed my 4th Tough Mudder and yesterday (7th May), I made it to Tough Mudder number 5 - none of this would have been possible without my iWalk. A few weeks ago, I also climbed snowdon - again impossible without my iWalk. For anybody that is considering buying one, have a look at my Instagram page, which does show the types of activities I am able to do with it. I hope to create a video in the future, which explains the features of the iWalk and give some hints/tips with how to use it. 

Walking with any type of mobility aid is difficult. Everything takes practice so just persevere! Just keep your head up, put on your iWalk and carry on with life. :)  

P.S. If you'd like to take a look at what I got up to with Tough Mudder, please click HERE. 

Jamie Gane